What is the difference between forged and cast wheels?

The difference between wheel forging and casting is mainly manifested in:
1. Different processes: in the selection of molds, sand molds are used for casting rims, and steel molds are used for forging; casting rims are natural cooling for machining, including deburring, repairing appearance, polishing, etc. , Forging is to use the method of stamping to make it into shape, and then perform mechanical processing. Casting technology determines performance. In terms of performance, forged wheels have higher strength, lighter weight, better filling properties, less shrinkage of castings, and higher compactness.
2. The cost is different: the casting process is simple and the cost is relatively low, while the forging process is more complicated and the manufacturing cost is relatively high. In terms of price, forged wheels of the same model are usually more expensive than low-pressure casted wheels.
3. Different weights: Forged wheels need to go through a continuous stamping process to be formed, so after molding, its molecular structure will become very tight, so it can withstand higher pressure, so under the same size and the same strength, forged wheels are also more compact. Cast wheels are lighter.

To sum up, the production process of forged wheels is more precise, compared with cast wheels, which are inferior to cast wheels, so high-end cars often use forged wheels.

Wheel hub is a very important part of the car, and forged wheel hub is the most advanced method of manufacturing aluminum wheel rims.
Forged wheels are 1-2 times stronger than cast wheels, their toughness and fatigue resistance are stronger, stronger, and their safety performance is higher. The forged wheel is 20% lighter than the cast wheel, which is more lightweight, and the weight of the car is reduced by 1 kg, which can save 20L of gasoline a year, and its heat dissipation effect is better, reducing the chance of tire blowout. Forged wheels are more compact in structure and have a higher bearing capacity, so they can withstand thin spokes, allowing for more freedom in wheel design and enhancing the personalization of the car.


Post time: May-05-2022