What are the functions of modified car flanges and hub gaskets?

What are the functions of modified car flanges and hub gaskets?

1. Beautiful, whether it is the original wheel or the modified wheel, due to various strange reasons, the wheel and tire do not match the fender of the car itself. Matching here means that the wheel hub is more or less, based on the fender of the car itself. For the fender, the wheel hub is too large inward or outward, resulting in the overall coordination of the car.

2. Performance, the performance referred to here focuses on the stability of the vehicle and the improvement of the vehicle’s cornering roll. Indeed, with the increase of the coaxial track, it does have a good stability improvement for the car’s high speed and cornering. Moreover, for the driver, the position of the car’s wheels and tires will feel better.

3. Forced, due to a wider wheel hub, the et value has not been accurately calculated. After the wheel hub is installed on the car, the inner tire will rub against the inner liner, so it is necessary to add spacers and move the hub outwards. Extend it a bit to avoid rubbing against the inner liner. There is also insufficient space between the wheel hub and the large caliper due to the replacement of over-large brakes, so that the wheel hub must be expanded outward a little more.

In fact, according to the original intention of the car design, such additional accessories are in principle unreasonable and risky.

What are the risks to the car after adding gaskets or flanges?

1. Loss of comfort. After the addition of gaskets or flanges, the daily driving of the car itself may cause a certain degree of loss of comfort, especially under bad road conditions. In some extreme special circumstances, it may cause damage to the universal joint of the car’s semi-axle.

2. The body shake is also due to many reasons. In some cases, the addition of gaskets or flanges will also cause slight body shake when the car is driving, but this situation is rare.

3. Tire wear. After increasing the track, it also increases the unsprung mass, which may also have a slight impact on the inclination angle. There may be some effects on the wear of the tire, such as uneven wear and wear of the inner sidewall of the tire. , The probability of these situations happening is not high.

4. The braking effect is attenuated. Very few riders have also seen that after adding gaskets or flanges, the car’s brakes are not as good as before. In this situation, most of the inclination angle changes, resulting in a reduction in the tire landing area, and braking is not as good as it used to be. In addition, it is the psychological effect of riders, who always feel that various problems will arise after adding or replacing certain accessories.

5. Suspension system changes, due to increased wheelbase, unsprung mass, and some inclination changes, etc., some excellent foreign modification agencies, after adding gaskets or flanges to the hub, will target the car The entire suspension system of the company has been re-adjusted to achieve the optimal state of the car.

Post time: Jun-18-2021