The difference between a single-piece wheel and a double-piece wheel

The rim is an important part of the car, and the rim is also a part that many modified car enthusiasts like to modify. Modifying a set of better-looking rims can make the car look better. The rims are forged and cast. Forging and casting are two different manufacturing processes. The performance of forged rims is better than that of cast rims in all aspects, but the price is also much more expensive than that of cast rims.
Today we mainly introduce forged wheels. Forged wheels are divided into single-piece, double-piece and three-piece. The difference between them is that the manufacturing process of the wheel is different. The single-piece forged rim is a whole, and the double-piece forged rim has two parts. The two parts are the rim and the spoke, and the two-piece hub refers to the use of high-strength bolts for bonding and fixing. Two-piece forging can divide the wheel into two colors. Because the double-piece process is more complicated, the price of the wheel is still relatively high.
Advantages of multi-piece wheels:
1. The rim part can be shared, and it is more convenient to change the shape, just replace the middle plate of different styles.
2. A variety of wheel hub specifications can be matched and combined through different sizes of rims and spokes, which provides convenience for car owners who show their individuality.
3. Since the hub and the middle plate can be removed, it is convenient for individual customization, and the shape of the hub can be changed.
Disadvantages of multi-piece wheels:
1. The weight of the multi-piece wheel hub is relatively heavy.
2. The dynamic balance performance of the multi-piece hub is not particularly good.
3. The multi-piece hub has better consideration of sealing and higher requirements for assembly.

Post time: May-11-2022