Forged 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels

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High quality
Our wheels are made of the best quality aluminum alloy materials on the market, with a small specific gravity and good corrosion resis-tance. The quality is improved from the source and escorted throughout the process.

High security
It has strong grip, reduces the inclination of the body when turn-ing, reduces slip and drift, has good operating performance,stable braking and flexible operation.

High strength
High precision, high strength,strong heat dissipation, increase service life, sturdiness and dura-bility, and save fuel consumption.

Stylish and beautiful
Our wheels are corrosion resistant, shiny, and exquisite in shape, which is more suitable for the overall appearance of the car.

why choose us

We have our own production line, which can reduce the price to a minimum.

Specializing in manufacturing and selling the high-quality wheels. If you choose us, we can offer you the best wheels.

Specializing in manufacturing and selling the high-quality wheels. If you choose us, we can offer you the best wheels.

With years’ experience in the line, we are ready to provide our customers with best service and high-quality products in timely delivery.

Our professional engineering and technical team has extensive knowledge in the wheel manufacturing industry.


How to protect the interests of customers?
We have a 360-degree guarantee policy:
1. After approving the sample, you are welcome to visit our factory before placing the order and paying a deposit, we are confident that you will be very satisfied.
2. Before delivery, we support the measure customers can take: customers can arrange for the third party to inspect the quality of the goods. If the quality of products are below standard or different from the approved samples, we will bear all responsibility.
3. If we do not ship the goods on time, we will compensate for your loss.
4. We are customer-oriented, which means every customer can enjoy the service provided by us at any time.
5. We guarantee that in the preliminary design, radial and bending tests will be carried out on the samples to make them up to the standard.

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