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Why You Need To Choose Forged
Wheels Rather Than Cast Wheels?
Forged wheels are less porous than cast wheels because of the forging process. The forging process makes these wheels stronger, more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, the wheel's structural integrity is not compromised. Forged wheels tend to have greater overall vehicle performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.


To Cast Alloys
Compared with cast alloys, lightweight forged wheels show a number of advantages. These advantages include better fuel efficiency (by up to seven percent) , CO2 emissions reduction, safety improvement, longer life for suspension components and brakes, and a more comfortable ride.

Forged wheels are approximately 20 percent lighter than cast alloys, and twice as light as steel wheels in weight, along with incomparably high vibration absorption.
Ultra-light forged wheels stand out as a separate category representing best-in-class automotive products. These are predominantly used by professionals in high-end racing motorsports competition series. These are also selected by car enthusiasts worldwide due to their significant weight reductions and other important benefits.

Wheels produced by real net-shape forging technology are extremely strong, durable and safe because of the high degree of metal deformation (comprstinb) andneexistrene efsvricolfasting defects, such as cavities and cracks. This is achieved with a properly aligned fiber
structure of the aerospace grade alloy via a three. dimensional closed-die
hot forging process in a hydraulic press of 10,000-15,000 tons of force and in conjunction with a special heat treatment. If subjected to sudden impact, a forged wheel does not crack and can be repaired if necessary.

Aside from being a third lighter than aluminium, forged wheel has high specific heat values, which is 23 times higher than steel. Thus, intrinsic material characteristics ensure faster heat dissipation from the wheels and brake system, thereby prolonging the lifetime of brakes and brake pads. In addition, they represent an important safety factor. Forged wheels possess an exponentially higher damping factor, which leads to efficient absorption of vibrations, shocks, impacts and noise, and they also preserving the suspension system thus resulting in a significantly more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

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